Assistive Technology

Practical Solutions for Independent Living

Want technology to assist with daily living?
Need to create an inclusive workplace?
Looking to increase accessibility for all?

Assistive Technology provides practical equipment and technical solutions to ensure your home, office or organisation is adapted for restricted mobility or disability living.

We are committed to bringing the power of technology into your home or workplace, so you can live and work with greater independence, safety and comfort.

Mills Remedial Builders are a registered NDIS provider.

Professional Approach

“Millstone Remedial Builders have an outstanding customer service ethic, efficient and thorough systems and processes, corporate governance and WHS systems. They provided a professional approach in all circumstances, liaising on behalf of the client, which made the process streamlined, efficient, and were extremely professional in their approach as changes were required.“


⦁ Home modification specialists ⦁ Experienced NDIS providers ⦁ SDA Housing provider ⦁ Caring and professional team

Accessible Living Made Easy

You need a knowledgeable team who can help assess the needs in your home. MRB can create an accessible living plan and swiftly implement it so you and your loved ones can enjoy the comfort of your space.

When it comes to accessibility here’s how we can help:

  • Building wheelchair ramps
  • Adding handrails
  • Installing door handles
  • Modifying bathrooms, basins and benchtops
  • Installing stair lifts to multi-level homes and offices
  • Structural changes to create fully accessible living spaces

Lifting Aids

Lifting equipment such as ceiling hoists, bath lifters and tracking systems are an essential component of patient care. Whether you’re installing these in your home to care for a loved one, or an organisation, our team are here to help.
We specialise in installing patient lifting hoists in hospitals, aged care facilities and private homes. Our extensive experience in building and modification work means we are ideally placed to help you plan, implement and safely use specialised assistive technology. 

  • We can help with:
  • Ceiling hoists
  • Bath lifters
  • Pool hoists
  • Tracking systems

Your Home Modification Plan

You’re in safe hands with our comprehensive Home Modification Plan. Let our team take care of everything, from planning and designing your ideal living environment with you, to sourcing and preparing your home for structural changes. It’s our goal to make every step easy for you, minimise disruption and help you live in a home you love.
Whether you need to install lifting equipment, modify your living areas or improve independence with smart technology, we are the experts you can trust. From structural changes to assistive technology you can count on us.

Our pathway begins with listening to you. We start by helping you imagine the life you want. Then, we assess what equipment you’ll need to make this possible. From here, we’ll help you select the right products and install them carefully so they’re safe and easy to use. Our service ensures you are confident with your new equipment and can enjoy your home, as you imagined it.

Say Hello to Smart Technology

Smart Technology can change your life. From simple systems that improve household tasks to communication equipment that keeps you safe, technology is here to help.
If you’re adapting the home to ensure greater independence and freedom, then advanced technology such as an Environmental Control Unit can make a huge difference. The Environmental Control Unit allows daily tasks to be performed simply through a central control system. This means turning on lights, television or heating and cooling systems can be remotely operated. By using these systems you can gain a peace of mind while maintaining comfort.
We can help you decide what type of smart technology will help in your unique situation. As a result you and your loved ones can live with greater independence, comfort and security.
Here’s how we can help you:

  • Environmental Control Unit
  • Personal communication equipment
  • Assistive products for household tasks
  • Personal care and safety technology