Building Repair Work

Structural Solutions for Home, Business or Strata

 Struggling to find a building repair specialist?
 Need structural repairs to your strata property?
Are you living with poor workmanship?

If you want an experienced building repair specialist who delivers a tailored solution for you, then Mills Remedial Builders can help. Whether your home is suffering from damp, your strata property needs structural repairs, or your business premises need building maintenance, our team has the skills and experience to assist.

Extremely smooth process

For all the work that has been carried out on my apartment, they went extremely well overall.  All trades were all on time, polite, accommodating to the furniture that was all in place and myself being home. They were extremely careful of their surroundings and made extra effort to clean up Cory has been absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process. Each day there was a trade on site, he would make an appearance to check work and to ensure I was happy with how things were progressing.


⦁ Home modification specialists ⦁ Experienced NDIS providers ⦁ SDA Housing provider ⦁ Caring and professional team

Our Repair Services

Remedial repair work can range from poor or incomplete workmanship to general deterioration. MRB is a registered building company with a vast experience in the construction of new homes. Our team won’t just patch things up, but will take the time to investigate, problem solve and innovate an individual solution for you. 

  • Roofing Repairs
  • Waterproofing - showers, balconies and decks
  • Water ingress problems
  • Concrete repairs including concrete cancer
  • Lintel replacements
  • Brickwork repairs
  • Tiling
  • General Building Repairs
  • Balustrade and Handrail Replacements
  • Structural repairs 

Need a diagnosis?

Mills Remedial Builders can help professionally diagnose your problem. We can give the right advice and waterproof your home with the best products and materials for excellent results.
If you need to waterproof:

  • Rooftops
  • Retaining walls (Including tiling and wet areas, or walls adjacent to the soil)
  • Concrete floors
  • Bathrooms
  • Light framed construction
  • Basements
  • Balconies and deck areas or
  • Fixing rising damp (damp-proofing your home)
    We can help!

Trusted by Perth Strata Companies

Mills Remedial Builders are experts in assisting strata companies repair and rectify construction issues. Whether you are facing workmanship issues or general deterioration, we are on hand to get to the bottom of the issue and create a long-term solution.
At Mills Remedial Builders we understand confines that strata properties face and we are skilled at working within them. As a result our team focuses on ensuring we have investigated the most pressing property issues as well as any issues under the surface that may cause problems in the future.
Our solutions focused approach means that your property will be in the best condition for many years to come. You need a comprehensive service with dedicated site supervisors who are your consistent point of contact, and that’s what we deliver.

 Say Goodbye to Damp in Your Home

Living with the damage that damp causes can be frustrating, but we can change all that. It may surprise you that waterproofing is just 1.8% of construction cost, however a lack of waterproofing is responsible for 83% of building defect complaints!

Mills Remedial Builders have the experience and know-how to waterproof almost anything around your home. Over the last 8 years we’ve worked alongside leading insurance companies, helping them to remedy a huge number of domestic waterproofing issues.Because of that we know exactly what is required to waterproof your roof, walls, balcony, windows, floors or even outdoor areas such as under crofts, basements and light framed construction.