Adaptable Home Living

Say hello to freedom and comfort

 Do you want to live with greater independence?
 Is your accessibility limited by a traditional home?
 Are you adapting your home for improved access?

When you live with mobility restriction or a disability, it can be hard to find the freedom and independence you crave. Your home is your sanctuary, an escape from the world but if it’s a battle to move around, it can be frustrating. That’s why we’re committed to adapting your house to meet your needs. We will make sure your home is safe, easy and secure. 

As a registered provider for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we design and deliver adaptive living solutions for both adults and children living with a disability.

We believe your home should fit your needs. This is why we work closely with you, your family and your support team. As a result, we deliver a unique solution that gives you more control over how you choose to live.

Professional Approach

“Millstone Remedial Builders have an outstanding customer service ethic, efficient and thorough systems and processes, corporate governance and WHS systems. They provided a professional approach in all circumstances, liaising on behalf of the client, which made the process streamlined, efficient, and were extremely professional in their approach as changes were required.“


⦁ Home modification specialists ⦁ Experienced NDIS providers ⦁ SDA registered provider ⦁ Caring and professional team

How We Help

As home modification specialists, we’ve assisted many families to modify their homes, making them more accessible, safe and comfortable. Our experience includes: 

  • Installing lifts to existing multi-level homes
  • Widening doorways and openings
  • Building wheelchair ramps
  • Widening shower recces to accommodate a wheelchair
  • Bathroom modifications including appropriate toilet suites, handrails and supports
  • Lowering door handles
  • Increasing the height of electric points
  • Lowering basins and benchtops
  • Installing assistive technology


Collaborative Partners in Modified Living

Mills Remedial Builders collaborate with organisations that provide care, support and advocacy services for people living with mobility restriction or disability. We’ve helped charities, local governments and care providers to develop housing that supports independent and accessible living for individuals and families.
From planning and designing to construction and installation, the team at Mills Remedial Builders are with you every step of the way.

Real Choice for Seniors

Today, more senior Australians are choosing to remain at home for longer, for both personal and financial reasons. Moving to aged care facilities can be expensive and, at times, unnecessary. Modifying your space to meet specific needs can drastically improve accessibility, as a result you can stay safe and mobile in your own home.
Whether your end goal is to remain in the home you love or make temporary changes until you find your future home, Mills Remedial Builders can create a plan to suit your individual needs.